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Our general surgeons use minimally-invasive laparoscopic surgery when possible, so you heal faster and get back to your normal lifestyle.

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Colon anatomy and colonoscopy

At the end of your body's digestive system is your large intestine, or large bowel, which consists mostly of the colon and ends at the rectum, which is about 6 inches long and connects the colon to the anus. In older people over 50 there is a higher chance of developing colon cancer, and a good way to detect cancer early so it can be cured is using colonoscopy.

A colonscope is a small lighted tube with a tv camera that is inserted into the anus and guided through the colon, allowing the surgeon to inspect the colon for any signs of cancer or other disorders.

Colonoscopy procedure

For colonoscopy you will spend an hour or two at the doctor's office, out patient clinic or hospital. You are given a sedative and pain medication to keep you relaxed for the half hour the procedure takes. You lie on your side and the doctor inserts the colonscope, which expands the colon by inflating it with carbon dioxide gas so the doctor can more easily inspect the walls of the colon and guide the tube through it. The tv camera images from the colonscope are displayed on the doctor's computer screen.

The tube allows the doctor to insert surgery tools to painlessly remove any polyps or take biopsy tissue from any areas of the colon that warrant further inspection.

Preparing for colonoscopy

You will follow a liquid diet for a day or two prior to your colonoscopy, because your colon must be cleared of all solids prior to the procedure.

After colonoscopy

Following the procedure the doctor will want you to stay for a while to make sure you are awake from the sedative and not experiencing any side effects, which are rare. Driving is not permitted following the procedure so you will need someone to take you home.

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